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Call for nominations - MSA Executive Committee

MSA is looking for leaders in the Massachusetts anesthesia community to share their leadership and expertise as members of the Executive Committee.

Specific vacancies include:

  • Officer positions
    • Vice President
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer 
  • Three (3) ASA delegate positions
  • Ten (10) ASA alternate delegate positions
  • All district representatives and alternate district presentative positions

MSA encourages members to nominate other members and to self-nominate for the opportunity to join our other accomplished Executive Committee members and guide our state component in these important roles.

Deadline for submissions is February 1, 2023.

After nominations close on, the Nominating Committee will review the nominations and recommend a slate of candidates to the Executive Committee. New Board members will begin their term at the close of the annual meeting. 

If you are interested in nominating, please fill in the nomination form either online or download the form and submit it to the MSA office via email at

Executive Committee Roles

MSA Executive Committee governs the State Component, developing advocacy strategies and policies, approving educational meeting proposals and activities, and considering membership benefits. The Executive Committee meets in person approximately quarterly and has appropriate members to attend ASA annual meetings. The majority of expenses associated with attending these meetings are reimbursed. Communication with the Executive Committee is also conducted via e-mail. 

About the Open Positions

·        Vice President (1 year term): Assist the President and President-Elect in the performance of duties including presiding at society meetings and other meetings in their absence. 

·        Secretary (2 year term): Officially correspondent with the American Society of Anesthesiologists on various components, maintaining roster, encouraging membership, working with Program Directors at training centers, supervising and handling Society documentation, and serving as recording secretary.

·        Treasurer (2 year term): Act as the official custodian and authoritarian of payments, submit a proposed budget at each annual meeting, and present the treasurer's report at Executive Committee meetings.

·        ASA Delegate (3 positions; 3 year term): Represent this Society in the House of Delegates of The American Society of Anesthesiologists and whenever possible counsel with the officers of this Society on all matters pending in the House of Delegates of The American Society of Anesthesiologists in the interest of making certain that actions taken by that body are in accord with the best interests and desires of this Society.

·        ASA Alternate Delegate (10 positions; 1 year term): Asked to fill in when a Delegate is unable to attend the ASA House of Delegates or fulfill their duties. They also may serve the ASA House of Delegates as tellers.

·        MSA District Representatives (1 position for each District – 9 Districts – According to U.S. Congressional District; 1 year term): Represent the membership of the district at Executive Committee meetings as well as council and report updates to district members.

·        MSA Alternate District Representative (1 position for each District – 9 Districts – According to U.S. Congressional District; 1 year term: The Alternate District Representative shall represent the District Representative and their District when requested to do so by the District Representative.

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