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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee functions to expedite, execute and administer the previous actions and directives of this Society. The Executive Committee shall exercise final authority over and shall manage the business and financial affairs of the Society, including the authorization of all contracts on its behalf. 

It is comprised of: Society Officers; Director, Alternate Director, Delegates, and Alternate Delegates for the ASA; District Representatives and Alternate District Representatives; and Chairpersons of the MSA standing committees including the two resident co-chairpersons of CORFA. 


President:  Cathie T. Jones, MD, FASA

President Elect:  Jennifer L. Dearden, MD

Vice President:  Amer Tabba, MD

Secretary:  Galina Davidyuk, MD

Treasurer:  David Feinstein, MD

Immediate Past President:  Nathan T. Jones, MD, FASA

ASA Director: David L. Hepner, MD, MPH, FASA

ASA Alternate Director: Nicholas M. Kiefer, MD, FASA

ASA Past President: Beverly K. Philip, MD, FACA, FASA





2022, 2023

2022, 2023


2022, 2023, 2024

2022, 2023, 2024


(three year term)

Jennifer L. Dearden, MD 2023
Nikhil M. Thakkar, MD, FASA 2023
Maitriyi J. Shah, MD 2023
Ruben J. Azocar, MD, MD, FCCM, FASA 2024

Cathie T. Jones, MD, FASA 2024
Mary Ann Vann, MD, FASA 2024

Amer Tabba, MD 2025

Nathan T. Jones, MD, FASA 2025
Nicholas M. Kiefer, MD, FASA  2025
Fred E. Shapiro, DO, FASA  2025


(one year term)

Sheila R. Barnett, MD, BSC, FASA

Karolina Brook, MD

Robert J. Canelli, MD, FASA
Galina Davidyuk, MD
David Feinstein, MD
Sohail K. Mahboobi, MD, FASA
Roman Schumann, MD, FASA
Balram Sharma, MD
Lalitha V. Sundararaman, MD
Richard D. Urman, MD, MBA, FASA


District 1 - Hemantha L. Sunkara, BS, MB
Alternate: Timothy C. Abbott, DO

District 2 - Dinesh Kumar Jagannathan, MD
Alternate:  Guido Musch, MD

District 3 - Paul H. Alfille, MD
Alternate: Fred E. Shapiro, DO, FASA

District 4 - Richard Wenxi Gao, MD
Alternate: Jason M. Hammond, MD

District 5 - Sohail K. Mahboobi, MD
Alternate: Samir K. Patel, MBCHB, DAVA, FCCP, FASA

District 6 - Courtney C. Yegian, MD
Alternate: Don G. Ganim, MD

District 7 - Ami M. Karkar,MD
Alternate: Lisa J. Crossley, MD

District 8 - Maurice F. Joyce, MD, MED, FASA
Alternate: Jeremy Juang, MD, PHD

District 9 - Brian R. Balsis, MD
Alternate: Ben Hern Kaon, MD


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