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MSA Anesthesia Record

The MSA Newsletter - Anesthesia Record - serves as a valuable resource for members to stay updated on the latest developments in the field of anesthesia. In addition to providing information on upcoming events and committee initiatives, it also features articles written by experts in the field, offering insights and perspectives on various topics related to anesthesia practice. 

Issue 1 | 2023 Year in Review

Nikhil Thakkar, MD, FASA; Editor, Chair, MSA Committee on Publications

It's here - the latest issue of the Anesthesia Record is now online. 

The articles in Issue 1 of our 2023 Year in Review provide a comprehensive overview of the significant events and developments that shaped the year. From analyzing key legislation and highlighting impactful advocacy efforts to featuring insightful perspectives from both the incoming and outgoing presidents, our publication offers a well-rounded understanding of the current issues at hand. Additionally, our readers can delve into a detailed examination of the year's progress thus far, gain valuable insights from our newly appointed medical student liaison, and stay informed about the latest updates.

Article Previews

Report of Counsel

MSA is closely monitoring legislation that would establish a state-imposed out-of-network (OON) payment process for state-regulated health insurance plans which would deviate from the federal No Surprises Act (NSA)... Also within the article is an update on the state notice and transparency law.

Legislative Updates

The Massachusetts Legislature is eight months into the 193rd legislative session...

Editor's Welcome

I hope all MSA members are enjoying beautiful summer days...

Officer Highlights

Get to know some of the state society officers.

MSA Advocacy Day

The Massachusetts Society of Anesthesiologists held an advocacy day on Beacon Hill on Tuesday, June 6th. Participants were advocating in support of two pieces of legislation...

ASA Legislative Conference

Attending the American Society of Anesthesiology (ASA) Legislative Conference meeting in Washington, DC is a unique and essential opportunity to promote and lobby

MSA Member Highlights

Thank you to all our dedicated members who have contributed to the growth and future of the anesthesia profession...

Outgoing President's Message

Over the past year, we experienced many changes and difficulties..

Incoming President's Message

It is an honor to be appointed as your new Society President...

A Look Back!

As we plan the next MSA Annual Meeting, which will be in May 2024, we wanted to look back at the 2023 Annual Meeting that took place earlier this year...

Celebrating Our Residents!

Of the total 159 anesthesiology residency programs in the country, Massachusetts is proud to host nine training programs, graduating over 120 anesthesiologists per academic year. 

Medical Student Liaison: A New Position to Improve Anesthesia Interest Amongst Medical Students

Late in 2022, the Medical School Component (MSC) of the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) announced a new initiative to create a liaison position for medical students. The goals of this program...

Committee on Economics Report

Over the course of the past few months members of the MSA have actively engaged with the Massachusetts Gastroenterology Association (MGA) to provide patient voice in the matter of MAC for endoscopy...

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